COVID-19: Customer Resources and P1 Updates

productONE operations

We continue to operate through the lockdown. Please bear with us as there will be some inefficiencies that will affect the speed at which we can operate.

Our sales team is available via email  their personal email addresses, or their cell phones. They will be happy to assist however possible.

Our services and consulting will continue to work remotely. Please contact to make arrangements to enable remote access.

We will continue to offer training; this will now be virtual instructor led training. Please review the requirements and how this will be conducted here.  If you would like to attend a virtual course, please mail

Our support is open as per usual, please email to open a case, then one of our support engineers will be in touch with you. To speed up the process please submit the following information:

  1. Customer Name / Number
  2. Customer Contact Number (Important to address with verbal communication needs)
  3. Issue Short Description
  4. Software version build and affected module
  5. Users affected (1 or multiple)
  6. Detailed issue (supply of screenshots if possible)
  7. Submit your Severity level (The severity level is explained in the following table, this will be agreed upon with the support engineer)
Severity Description
0 - Enterprise Down A production enterprise system is down (for us to support you at this level certain criteria need to be met)
1 - Business Critical Work is severely impacted and a solution to the problem must be found quickly. Generally, represents a work stoppage for the customer.
2 - Business Moderately Impacted Work is being impacted but not significantly. Usually a workaround is available, or the customer is able to work beyond the issue. Generally, a low priority issue.
3 - General Question | Low Impact Work is not being impacted and the caller only has a general question about a PTC product or service.
  1. A support engineer will respond with your support case number as reference within an hour.
  2. Communication responses will be dependent on severity level and agreed response time between the customer and the support engineer, when investigation is required. Normal response times should be 24 hours.
  3. In the interest of resolving cases as quickly and fully as possible, we have implemented remote support software, TeamViewer. Once authorised by the customer, this software enables the SE to take control of and drive the PC to resolve the issue. This saves a huge amount of time that would have been spent explaining the problem and emailing data and pictures. For more information on this software, including security information please see or speak to one of our support engineers.
  4. Unhappy with the support you are receiving, please email or

For any general queries please mail and someone will get back to you.

Use PTC Software Remotely

These resources require an eSupport account.

If you do not have one contact your company’s Creo Administrator or contact our support team for assistance. If you are a new customer you can sign up here.

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