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PTC Mathcad Prime is the industry standard for engineering mathematics software, enabling you to solve your most complex problems, and share your engineering calculations. Mathcad Prime is the industry’s leading engineering math software, use it to perform highly accurate calculations easily, and then preserve, share, and reuse those calculation so that you get the most from your important intellectual property

PTC is announcing the end-of-sale for the following versions of PTC Mathcad, effective December 31, 2021:

Mathcad 15

Mathcad Prime 1.0 – Prime 6.0

Effective January 1, 2022, the only version of PTC Mathcad available for subscription will be PTC Mathcad Prime 7 and future versions of PTC Mathcad Prime. After December 31, 2021, PTC will no longer have the right to sell or distribute software versions moving to end of sale due to a third-party component contained in those versions.


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