Vuforia Chalk brings your technicians and experts together to solve problems faster & more effectively. Your onboard AR Remote Assistance.

e are all dealing with unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19, we face the issues of limited travel, social or physical distancing, and have the responsibility to keep our employees safe and need to continue business as best as possible. In an ever more complex and competitive environment businesses need to improve their operational efficiency which means finding ways of increasing the productivity of their employees and reducing costs.


An area some businesses are looking at cutting down is travel, which can be expensive and time-consuming. The time it takes for your expert technicians to travel to the equipment that requires service, repairs, or inspection takes away their valuable time but can also add to costly downtime of the equipment.


Empower your workforce giving them Vuforia Chalk to instantly collaborate and consult on issues they face using remote assistance technology enhanced with annotations that are drawn and anchored in the real world. Communicate effectively by combining video, audio, and visual guidance to guide and instruct the technician. Allow your experts to share their knowledge and spend their time efficiently without needing to travel anywhere saving your business time and money. This helps new staff learn from the experts when a problem was not covered in the service or training manuals.


PTC is offering free access to all Vuforia Chalk features until 31 August 2020. Use this offer to continue your business operations while improving operational efficiency safely and responsibly. We handle on-boarding and user management on your behalf if you. 



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We would like to remind you to keep safe and positive during this time. 


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